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I don't like to call myself a Software Engineer despite my business card suggesting otherwise. I really just enjoy helping those around me in any way I can. But most of that invlolves writing code. I'm based in Chicago and would love to hear from you if you need help planning something, building something, deploying something, hosting something, scaling something, or anything in-between.

Full Stack Development

  • L2 Interactive - Full Stack Software Engineer as part of our Tessitura team. I work with clients to customize eRube2, our proprietary CMS, to meet their unique business needs as well as help to improve eRube2 itself. Clients I've worked for at L2 include Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Opera Australia, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, City Recital Hall, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Alley Theatre, and many others.

Front End Development

  • Web2Carz.com - Critically involved in all aspects of Front End Development. Created new Views and features which increased conversion rates and refactored existing code to improve performance. Re-organized
  • Keypad Module Experiment - A quick experimental keypad module using HTML5, Sass, and jQuery that works with both keystrokes and clicks.


  • Sum of Digits - A program which, given an integer or set of integers, returns the sum of its constituent digits.
  • To Lowercase - A program which, given a set of strings in a plaintext file, converts all the characters lowercase.
  • Bit Positions - A program which, given a number N and two integers P1 and P2 , determines if the bits in position P1 and P2 are the same or not. Positions P1 and P2 are decimal numbers.
  • Smallest Multiple - A program which, given two numbers X and N, where N is a power of 2, finds the smallest multiple of N greater than or equal to X and prints it to stdout.
  • Word Reverse - A program whcih reverses the words in strings seperated by spaces. The strings are provided in a file.
  • Prime Sums - This node version allows the user to specify a maximum number of primes to added together.
  • Prime Palindrome - Given a number as input, returns all numbers which are both prime and a palindrome less than the input.
  • FizzBuzz - A typical FizzBuzz challenge completed in Node.


  • Powerball CLI - A program that tells you if you've won the Powerball and, if so, how much you've won.

Design & UX

  • Chicago Dubstep Connect - A Photoshop project for CDC utilized across various social media platforms.
  • Carthage Course Catalogue - Course catalogue designed for the Carthage Department of Communication and Digital Media.
  • Personal Corporate Identity - My personal corporate branding that I've used in the past which allowed me to carve out a small base of Freelance clients early in my career.